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Curated, cutting-edge technical trainings delivered in-person and virtually by some of the most seasoned practitioners in the computer security industry.


A selection of HITB’s most popular trainers and courses from around the globe


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Our Trainers

Sheila A. Berta Head of Research, Dreamlab Technologies
Sol Ozzan Security Researcher, Dreamlab Technologies
Sarka Pekarova Security Consultant, Dreamlab Technologies
Yamila Levalle Security Researcher, Dreamlab Technologies
Philippe Langlois Founder & CEO, P1 Security
Benoit Michaud R&D Engineer, P1 Security
Monnappa K A Principal Threat Hunter, Microsoft
Guillaume Lopes Senior Penetration Tester, RandoriSec
Davy Douhine Founder, RandoriSec
Muhammad Yuga Nugraha DevSecOps Engineer, Practical DevSecOps
Mohammed A. Imran Founder & CEO, Practical DevSecOps
Insha Mearaj Senior Trainer, Digital14
Sai Kumar Pilla Senior Trainer, Big Data Analytics and Data Engineering , Digital14
Charles Givre Co-Founder, GTK Cyber
Abhinav Singh Stategic Security Transformation, Amazon Web Services
Tim Blazytko Reverse Engineer
Josh Stroschein Security Researcher
Leszek Miś Founder, Defensive Security
Dawid Czagan Founder & CEO, Silesia Security Lab
Richard Johnson Principal Security Researcher, FUZZING IO