Boris So


Software Security Specialist

Boris is a software security specialist specializing in software development, security engineering, threat modeling, defensive coding, security testing, code obfuscation, steganography, as well as rootkit research. Currently Boris is working in a major US cloud service provider, where he joined from one of the world’s leading US financial services institutes. Apart from his full-time work, Boris also serves as part-time lecturer for a Bachelor degree in ethical hacking and cybersecurity in a university from UK.

He is also the OWASP HK chapter lead, core member of VXCON, HITB CFP review board member, organizer of DEFCON village, BlackHat Arsenal, and OpenSSF meetup group of Linux Foundation. Boris regularly speaks in cybersecurity conferences. He holds 3 US patents, 2 bachelor degrees and 2 master degrees. Boris is an enthusiast in aviation and he holds a private pilot license. During his free time, he is probably spending his time flying while not hacking.