Philippe Langlois

P1 Security

Founder & CEO

Philippe Langlois is an Information Security worldwide expert in Network and Telecom with more than 20 years of experience in telecom and network security. He successfully founded several industry-leading companies in security including Qualys (US, NASDAQ: QLYS), INTRINsec (FR), WorldNet (FR), WaveSecurity (US), TSTF (EU) and P1 Security (FR).

Philippe has conducted a wide range of security missions such as audit, pentest, hardening, vulnerability analysis, risk analysis and threat intelligence in Telecom and Network domains. He defined new methods and created appropriate tools to audit SS7, IMS and SIGTRAN networks through heavy R&D work.

He also led world-class pioneering work in vulnerability assessment product development such as in Qualys and INTRINsec. And he led the development of a number of complex system architectures in security products, ASP services and ISP/MSP infrastructures, and built and motivated international engineering teams, around security products and services.

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