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Duration 1 day
Capacity 10 pax
Difficulty beginner


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This training is tailored to be accessible for everyone as a high-level study on 5G technology from a security standpoint, what are the innovative initiatives out there and some of the best practices we can learn from these.


  • Security Strategies and Policies in a 5G World
  • Diving into 5G Security
  • Dealing with Legacy (from 2G to 5G)


Who Should Attend

Everyone interested in 5G development, deployment and security, including:

  • Strategists and policy shapers for telecom and 5G adoption
  • Decision makers in the telecom industry
  • Security teams related to telco and 5G deployment
  • Telecom network and technology researchers
  • Telecom Security students
  • General member of the public interested in 5G security


Hardware / Software Requirements

Internet connectivity for streaming quality.



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1st session: Security Strategies and Policies in a 5G World

● Situations, strategies, policies and technologies to address telecom threats
● Telecom Security Strategy: High-Level vision on Security, Impact of governmental and
regional policies, Relationships with national organizations and agencies
● Security Ecosystem Stakeholders
o Telecom merging worlds: Fixed, Mobile & IoT
o Impacts of IP/IETF within IMS/NGN networks
● Innovative Solutions, Labs projects and Interesting Initiatives
● Evolutions and trends in operator’s security and impact to subscribers and enterprises

2nd session: Diving into 5G Security

● 5G Security architecture overview
● 5G-related specifications and security analysis
● New security features in the 5G System:
o subscriber’s identity protection
o subscriber’s authentication
o subscriber’s traffic protection
o operator’s interconnection protection
● Operators involvement and deployment requirements
● Regulator’s role in driving 5G security features deployment

3rd session: Dealing with Legacy (from 2G to 5G)

● Mobile Security Legacy Overview (SS7/SIGTRAN, Mobile Data / GRX IPX, LTE, OAM…)
● Attack Surface, Threat Modeling, Risk Model, Resulting Security Dynamics (5G NSA, 5G SBA):
Security Improvements compared to previous generations
o 5G Situational Awareness & Roaming Attack Surfaces in 5GSBA
o Attack surface increase with non-3GPP access
● Threat landscape & Threat Intelligence of Legacy in 5G Networks
● Legacy Compromise examples in 5G Networks: various types of attackers and varying impacts

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