KaiJern @xwings Lau

KaiJern (@xwings). Founder of open source reverse engineering project, Qiling Framework (https://qiling.io). His research topic is mainly on developing cutting edge cross platform reverse engineering framework, embedded devices security, blockchain security, and various security topics. He presented his findings in different international security conferences like Blackhat, Defcon, HITB, Codegate, QCon, KCon, Brucon, H2HC, Nullcon, etc. […]

Prateek Gianchandani

Prateek Gianchandani is currently working as the Head of Product & Application Security at Careem – An Uber Company. He has more than 10 years of experience in security research and penetration testing. His core focus area is mobile exploitation, reverse engineering and embedded device security. He is also the author of the open source […]

Cam Buchanan

Cam is a director of Foundry Zero, a cyber security consultancy and training company. With 10 years of experience in cyber security, Cam has had multiple roles from penetration tester to software engineer with a focus on research. He has performed large scale penetration testing exercises and written multiple books about the subject. Having worked […]

Jordan Whitehead

Jordan Whitehead is a principal research consultant at Atredis Partners. He has experience finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in a variety of low-level systems, and has previously helped develop and instruct advanced kernel exploitation and reverse engineering courses.

Justin Searle

Justin Searle is the Director of ICS Security at InGuardians, specializing in ICS security architecture design and penetration testing. He led the Smart Grid Security Architecture group in the creation of NIST Interagency Report 7628 and has played key roles in the Advanced Security Acceleration Project for the Smart Grid (ASAP-SG), National Electric Sector Cybersecurity […]

Olivier Thomas

Oliver Thomas studied Electrical Engineering (EE) and subsequently worked for a major semiconductor manufacturer designing analog circuits. Then, Olivier began to work in the field of Integrated Circuit (IC) security as the head of one of the world’s leading IC Analysis Labs. The lab primarily focused on securing future generation devices as well as developing […]

Arnau Gàmez i Montolio

Catalan hacker, reverse engineer and mathematician, with an extensive background in code (de)obfuscation research and Mixed Boolean-Arithmetic expressions, as well as industry experience as a senior malware reverse engineer. Founder of Fura Labs, a research and education firm on software security and reverse engineering. Co-founder and president of Hacking Lliure, a non-profit association and hacking […]

Niek Timmers

Niek Timmers is a Co-Founder of Raelize and has been analyzing the security of embedded devices for over a decade. Usually his interest is sparked by technologies where the hardware is fundamentally present.He shared his research on topics like Secure Boot and Fault Injection at various conferences like Black Hat, Bluehat, HITB, hardwear.io. and NULLCON. […]

Cristofaro Mune

Cristofaro Mune is a Co-Founder of Raelize and has been in the security field for 15+ years. He has 10+ years of experience with evaluating the software and hardware of secure products, including numerous TEE designs and implementations. At Raelize he provides support for developing, analyzing and testing the security of embedded devices. He has […]

Himanshu Mehta

Himanshu Mehta is currently working as the Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence at Hive Pro and is very passionate about Cyber Security and Threat Intelligence. He is the board member of the EC-Council’s Licensed Penetration Tester group and involved in several bug bounty & Capture the Flag programs around the globe. He has been invited […]