Niek Timmers



Raelize B.V

Niek Timmers is a Co-Founder of Raelize and has been analyzing the security of embedded devices for over a decade. Usually his interest is sparked by technologies where the hardware is fundamentally present.
He shared his research on topics like Secure Boot and Fault Injection at various conferences like Black Hat, Bluehat, HITB, and NULLCON.

What students say about his training:

“I really enjoyed the hands-on experience. It was awesome.”

“Learned a lot! The course system is exceptional;, I have not seen anything like it..”

“I think this was a pretty good experience, lots of breadth covered. Appreciate the exercises, think this gives me a lot of confidence in trying to explore boot-time stuff further. 10/10.”

“I really enjoyed the training. I had a lot of fun with exercises, and I learned new approaches to several problems!”

“I learned a lot and my expectations new fully met. Thanks!.”

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