Sensepost: Hands-On Hacking Fundamentals [HITB2021SIN]



2 days

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2 days

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DATE: 24-25 August 2021

TIME: 12:00-20:00 SGT/GMT +8

Date Day Time Duration
24 August Tuesday 12:00-20:00 SGT/GMT +8 8 Hours
25 August Wednesday 12:00-20:00 SGT/GMT +8 8 Hours



This is an introductory course for those starting the journey into penetration testing or those working in environments where understanding how hackers think and the tools, tactics and techniques they use are of essence.

The course presents the background information, technical skills and basic concepts required to those desiring a foundation in the world of information security.

By the end of the course, you will have a good grasp of how vulnerabilities and exploits work, how attackers think about networks and systems and have compromised several of them, from infrastructure, web applications to Wi-Fi.

This course aims to expose you to the methodologies used by active penetration testers on their day to day journey with clients and assessments.

Join us and hack hard!


Students will be given:

  • Access to our web class portal containing slides, practicals, walkthroughs, tools and prerequisites. This is accessible after the training.
  • Access to your own individual lab with numerous targets and capabilities, used for the practicals. This will be available during the training course.


Why You Should Take This Course

If you want to understand how criminals run hacking campaigns, and emulate them, this course is for you. This fully hands-on course will ensure you walk away with practical experience to continue your journey of becoming the next great penetration tester.

Who Should Attend


Key Learning Objectives

  • How to think like a hacker

  • Finding vulnerabilities and exploiting them

  • How to approach a pentesting methodology in real world scenarios
  • Prerequisite Knowledge

    No hacking experience is required for this course; this is a beginner’s course. But enthusiasm is a must!

    Hardware / Software Requirements

    It’s not necessary, but ideally, some technical background will help, in particular experience with the Windows or Linux command line. However, we’re used to meeting students at their level. At a minimum, you’ll need a computer with a modern web browser (Firefox or Chrome) you are comfortable using. As all the practicals are hosted in the cloud and the class web portal is used to deliver content

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