1-Day Training | 19-19 Dec

[HITB CYBERWEEK] Workshop: Applied Defense on Docker & Kubernetes

Duration 1 day
Capacity 250 pax
Difficulty intermediate



DATE: 19 December 2020

TIME: 19:00-21:00 (GMT +4)

Containers are a big revolution in the software industry. They bring production to the local environment without thinking about compatibilities: with a few commands anyone can have containers running on their machines. When using containers locally, they seem to be neither complex nor complicated to secure and developers have the power of packaging applications that will behave exactly as tested. Enterprises can then split them into scalable microservices.

However, this changes when the ecosystem grows dramatically and thousands of containers with a variety of roles and flavours are orchestrated to maintain availability. While these huge environments have great benefits, their complexity enlarges the attack surface exponentially. Just through a single misconfiguration of some of the infinite customization features they offer, chaos can arise. So what can be done to protect these containerized realms?

This workshop will explain how to implement advanced security features to secure the Docker daemon, its core components, container execution and Kubernetes orchestrated environments.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Students will walk away having learned the advanced security features of Docker & Kubernetes.

Who Should Attend

Containerization and orchestration have dramatically changed the way in which today’s technologies are deployed and managed. Defense techniques require reinvention and security professionals must now acquire the necessary skills to protect these environments. We encourage to Security Analysts, Architects, DevOps Engineers and any person curious about how to secure these technologies to join this workshop.


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• Kernel namespaces
• Kernel capabilities
• Mandatory Access Controls
• Container UID & GID
• Userns-remap
• Distroless


• API Authentication
• API Authorization
• Security Context
• Security Policies
• Network Policies

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