Insha Mearaj


Senior Trainer

Co-trainer Insha is the author of numerous data research publications and has spent the last 6 years focusing on pattern recognition and predictive analytical models.

Insha started her career as a software developer, from which she eventually moved into Data Science and Machine Learning. Prior to joining D14, Insha worked  in Amity University Dubai as a Teaching Instructor and Coordinator.

Insha has worked as a Programmer and Business Intelligence Consultant in Iprosonic Technologies and as a Assistant Project Manager in Genpact.

She has more than 6 years of experience in the field of Science and technology, she has worked on projects based on customer behaviour analytics, fraud detection and evaluation, data integration and authentication using pattern recognition. Predictive Analytical Models. Cyber Breach analytics, implemented CNN for image classification and understanding.

Author of many Research publications :

  • Data Conversion from Traditional Relational Database to Mongodb using XAMPP and NoSQL
  • Understanding the Complexity in Language Learning through data visualization using Python
  • Surveillance Governance for Aircrafts with Point Satellite Constellation Matrix Simulation for Collision Detection and Avoidance
  • Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms for Smart E-Commerce Based on Consumer Behaviour