Hardik Shah


Principal Security Researcher

Hardik Shah (@hardik05) is an experienced cyber security professional with 17+ years of experience in the computer security industry. Currently works as a Principal Security Researcher at Vehere where he is responsible for analysing latest threats, detecting them and product improvements.

In the past he has worked with various security companies like Sophos, McAfee, and Symantec, where he has built research teams from ground zero, managed various critical cyber threats to provide
protection to customers, implemented various product features and has mentored many people.
Hardik is also known for his skills in fuzzing and vulnerability discovery and analysis.

He has discovered 35+ vulnerabilities in Microsoft and various open source software. He had conducted
workshops at various industry leading cyber security conferences such as Defcon, Bsides, RSA dark arts, and many others. Hardik enjoys analysing latest threats and figuring out ways to protect
customers from them.