Dr. Anthony Lai



Anthony Lai is a security researcher is not only marked by his rich experience and academic excellence but also by his active participation in the global cybersecurity community. With a Ph.D. in Computer Science emphasizing vulnerability and malware analysis, and a suite of prestigious certifications like SANS GXPN, GCIH, Offsec OSEE, CSSLP, and CISSP, he is a beacon of knowledge in the industry. His recognition with the ISLA award further attests to his leadership and expertise.

With over 20 years in the field, Anthony has played a pivotal role in security risk management and auditing for Japanese banking sectors and European listed companies, where he applied his skills to protect against sophisticated cyber threats. His contributions extend to performing extensive code reviews for multinational corporations and government entities, enhancing their security infrastructure. A well-recognized figure at top-tier hacker conferences, he has shared his insights as a speaker at Blackhat, DEFCON, HITCON, HITB, AVTokyo, and VXCON. These platforms have allowed him to disseminate cutting-edge research and practical knowledge, establishing him as an influential voice in cybersecurity circles.

In his capacity as a security trainer, Anthony draws upon his global experience and technical expertise to deliver comprehensive training. His sessions are known for their depth, drawing on real-world scenarios from his involvement in international security risk management.