Arnau Gàmez i Montolio

Fura Labs


Catalan hacker, reverse engineer and mathematician, with an extensive background in code (de)obfuscation research and Mixed Boolean-Arithmetic expressions, as well as industry experience as a malware analyst and security engineer. Founder of Fura Labs, a research and education firm on software security and reverse engineering. Co-founder and president of Hacking Lliure, a non-profit association and hacking community. Speaker and trainer at several international security conferences.

What students say about his training:

Duncan Ogilvie, author of x64dbg (@mrexodia)
“The lectures by Arnau on Mixed Boolean-Arithmetic obfuscation and deobfuscation techniques went very deep, while staying accessible for people without a formal math background. The exercise materials and projects were engaging and a natural practical extension of the theory discussed during the lectures. Arnau was also very responsive and happy to discuss ideas in the Discord channel. Overall a superb experience and I highly recommend you attend one of his trainings!”

Would you recommend this class, or attend other classes by this trainer?

“Yes, recommended.”

“Yes, he is one of the few experts in this area of research. Thus, his insights are invaluable.”

“Yes, highly recommended to people who are interested to understand the finer implementations of how Symbolic Execution or Mixed-Boolean Arithmetic works”

“The instructor focused more on the underlying theories of how each topics work rather than focusing on specific tools. This allows us to apply the knowledge to other tools.”