Anthony Webb



Ant has always, always, felt a need to understand what makes things tick.

Whether it was pulling apart his toys as a child, first learning to code at around six years old on a BBC Micro in the early 90s, building custom PCs for pocket money as a pre-teen, making websites, or transplanting car engines – he just had to know the “how”, the “why”, and the “could it be made to work differently”.

Sometimes things still work when he’s done with them.

Whilst he may have always been one at heart, Ant finally felt he became a Proper HackerTM relatively late in life, working as a Security Consultant / Penetration Tester after achieving a BSc (First Class Hons) in Mathematics and Computing as a mature student in 2015. Over the years since, he has held numerous certifications, such as OSCP, CREST CRT, QSTM / CHECK CTM, AWS-SAA/DVA/SCS, and others.

In 2018 Ant was recruited to teach Advanced & Specialist Hacking courses in addition to Penetration Testing and Red Team exercises. He has since built and delivered hands-on training to crowds from just a few to over a hundred people at dozens of leading international conferences, including Black Hat USA/Europe/Asia/SecTor, BruCON, OWASP, NullCon, NorthSec, CPX360 and many others, numerous in-house private deliveries, and countless live online virtual events. He specialises in Enterprise Traditional-, Cloud-, Multi Tenant-, and Cloud Hybrid- Infrastructure Security, Containerization and Container Orchestration.