Alan Chung

9Hack Labs

Digital Forensics and Incident Response Expert

Alan has ample experience handling complex dispute and litigation cases, having served as forensic examiner, e-discovery specialist, and expert witness testified before courts of laws, at multiple top-tier multinational forensic firms.

As an digital forensics and incident response expert Alan is well respected for his deep understanding of technologies, acquired through years of diverse background in network & infrastructure security, IT audit & penetration testing, and security solution architecture & design, across nearly two decades of deeply technical engagements.

He has presented at PacSec Tokyo (2013), DEFCON (2012), and HTCIA Asia-Pacific Conference (2012). Alan is a holder of CFE, OSCE3 (OSEP, OSWE, OSED), OSCP, OSDA, OSWA, EnCE, CISA, and GREM.