Tarek Naja


Subject Matter Expert

Tarek Naja carries an Msc. in Information Security, and is an OWASP chapter leader with 14 years experience in security between EU and GCC. He started his career in penetration testing where he transitioned to lead teams across multiple geographies for Fortune 500 customers. He regularly trains regionally on the art of network hacking and Kali Linux. He has taught hundreds of students in the UAE alone and thousands of students online.

He is an Arabic native and fluent English speaker. In this video below, Tarek explain AS-REP Roasting, a topic that is covered in more details in his training:

What students say about this training:

  • Thank you, Tarek was very informative course and one of my dreams come true is to understand  Kerberos 🙂
  • I really recommend this course when its published. Its beginner friendly and will give you a lot of information about Active Directory and how the compromise usually happening. Again, Thank you Tarek for your efforts! – Farhan Alkhubize, 1st Cyber Security Officer
  • It was really a great class. You explained it really well unlike other courses in which the instructors just put so many things at the same time. + it was really fun in your class.  Awesome work.
  • As usual, Tarek is the man. This course is very well thought out and he explains every topic thoroughly. Very well put together, great pace, highly interesting – plus you get labs to see exploits done in real time. Highly recommended!
  • You explains the things really well and in simple english. I know what DACL ,SACL were. But I know how frustrating they where when I learned about them last year. You explained it really well that a beginner can understand.

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