4 Hours Workshop 1 – Car Hacking 101



1 days

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1 days

Delivery Method




ATTEND IN-PERSON: Onsite at Abu Dhabi

DATE: 27 Nov 2024

TIME: 09:00 to 13:00 GST/GMT+4

HITB participants will get access to exclusive hands-on workshops designed for participants of every expertise level, and access to the hands-on training materials after the event.

This workshop will begin with an introduction to automotive cybersecurity, introducing its unique challenges as a budding industry and laying out the landscape of threats vehicles face. Following the introduction the vehicle cyber kill chain will be introduced, giving participants insights into an expert’s view of the vehicle exploitation process from start to finish. Following the kill-chain, participants will be given hands-on exercises in which they will analyzie case studies of past vehicle hacks that have shaken the industry. Finally, participants will perform a threat analysis of a hypothetical vehicle system, giving them more hands-on experience with analyzing the threats posed to vehicles.


Topics Covered

1. Introduction to Automotive Cybersecurity
2. Vehicle Threat Landscape
3. Vehicle Security Impact Analysis
4. Smart City Impact Analysis
5. Vehicle Cyber Kill-chain
6. [Hands-on] Vehicle Security Case Study Analysis
7. [Hands-on] Vehicle Security Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment


What will the students get

No physical deliverables will be given but students will get to keep access to the hands-on materials used during the class afterwards.


Why You Should Take This Course

This course will give you a unique look inside the world of connected transportation security and explore the threats smart cities and their transportation systems face. This course is perfect for aspiring experts in smart city, IoT, Idustry Controller, and general product security.

Who Should Attend

  • Government Officials
  • Law Enforcement Personnel
  • University Academics
  • Cybersecurity Researchers
  • Product Security Researchers
  • Industrial Security Researchers
  • University Students with Interest in Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Automotive Engineers and Software Developers
  • Agricultural Industry Security Officers

Key Learning Objectives

  • Automotive Cybersecurity

  • Vehicle Threat Analysis

  • Vehicle Impact Assessment

  • Vehicle Cyber Kill-chain

  • Knowledge of Past Vehicle Security Incidents

  • Hands-on Threat Assessment Experience

  • Hands-on Vehicle Security Incident Analysis Experience

  • Knowledge of Automotive Security Laws, Regulations, and Industry Standards

  • Knowledge of the Automotive Threat Landscape and its Impact on Society
  • Prerequisite Knowledge

    As this training is introductory-level, little technical experience is needed to get the full benefit of the course. Knowledge of cybersecurity concepts and how cybersecurity can impact a government, business, or society is recommended to fully grasp the meaning of the content presented.

    Hardware / Software Requirements


    Your Instructor

    Kamel is a car hacking and automotive cybersecurity veteran of over 6 years. He has extensive experience working as a vehicle penetration tester, car hacking trainer, cybersecurity consultant, and speaker – with experience communicating in English, Japanese, and Arabic.

    He has a burning passion for getting people interested in vehicle and product security, and regularly contributes to the Car Hacking Village, Automotive Security Research Group, and more.